AUF invited Prof Muhittin Akgul of Sakarya University, Turkey as the guest speaker for the “Noble Birth Week” activities organised by Galaxy and Selimiye Foundations.

He arrived to Sydney on Saturday the 5th of April 2014. The two “Infinite Light” conferences he was the guest speaker were

> on 5 April, at 6:30pm, in Amity College Gymnasium (Auburn Campus) NSW

> on 11 April, at 7:00pm, in Serenity Foundation VIC

During his stay he visited various community leaders, interfaith organisations as well as sharing his wisdom with the general public.

In his talks, he discussed various aspect of the prophet Muhammed (pbuh) with special emphasis on honesty and trustworthiness. His qualities as an honest individual had been acknowledged even by his arch enemies during his time.

He stated that there is a fountain in New York named after Him to appreciate his efforts against Alcohol.

Prof Muhittin Akgul departed from Australia on 11 April.