The Australian Universal Federation, AUF has conducted its annual “Teaching Improvement Program” to assist its member organisations with future employment alternatives. The program was held between 29 June and 3 July, 2013 at Amity College Prestons Campus.

The program was designed for potential teachers who were planning to start the profession in the near future. Experienced teachers provided vital information for future teachers to make a fresh and informed start to the profession. The program also aimed to provide a chance for the affiliated school administrators to get to know the potential teachers.

There were 24 teacher candidates; 13 females and 11 males who participated in the intensive 5-day program. Amity College’s state of the art facilities were used for the program. The daily program started at 9:00 am. There were six 60-minute sessions.

Sessions included; feedback from experienced teachers, new technologies in the classrooms, the responsibilities of an ideal teacher, teaching techniques, effective discipline methods, dos and don’ts for new teachers, faculty workshops, sample lesson by each candidate.

Faculties and Head Teachers

Humanities > Muhammed Aksu (Damla College)
Mathematics > Cem Giray (Amity College)
Science, Physics > Halid Serdar Takimoglu (AUF)
Primary > Mujgan Berber (Amity College)
Biology > Hatice Aydogan (Amity College)
Chemistry > Atilla Sinik (Amity College)


Accommodation, food and venues were provided by Galaxy Foundation
24 potential teachers participated (13 females, 11 males.
Participants came from 3 states; 20 from VIC, 3 from NSW and 1 from QLD
33 hours of instructions and discussions
3 main sessions; Presentations, Faculty workshops and Lesson Observations
3 faculties, 13 presenters
92% mean attendance
73.1% mean lesson observation mark
93% mean satisfaction rate about the presentations
29 of the 41 participants from the last year has been employed in AUF schools (71%)


“I liked the motivational aspect of the seminars – it was highlighted that with hard work we can be a good teacher.”
“The practical aspect was helpful, such as how to approach parents or certain issues in the classroom.”
“Teaching stories presenters shared regarding their personal experience” (response to “What you found beneficial?”)
“Preparing sample lesson for observation and teachers providing feedback” (response to “What you found beneficial?”)
“Very well organised, timing of sessions were good.”
“All in all -> very effective.”

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